Our latest series of testRigor reviews features the story of Scheduling Suite, a team that elevated their software testing to new levels after implementing testRigor. The Scheduling Suite team was kind enough to contribute to our growing list of testRigor reviews to help teams learn more about their first-hand experience with Scheduling Suite.
A costly, manually intensive process just wasn’t cutting it
Before using testRigor, the Scheduling Suite team was struggling with QA. A small startup with scarce resources, the team at Scheduling Suite quickly found that writing tests took a lot of manual effort.
The team found that the process also didn’t simply end with writing tests. Tests often required going back and adjusting to account for unexpected user behavior, changes in the software, and so forth.
“Our team was presented with a dilemma,” said Art Denisenko, founder of Scheduling Suite. “We wanted to be modern and have robust automated test coverage, but for such a small team, the amount of work and the pressures of meeting market demands meant that test maintenance often took a backburner role.”
Test quality ensuingly never felt up to par with where the team wanted it to be, and there were more uncaught bugs than they were ever comfortable with, according to Denisenko.
testRigor looked like a choice for modernization
Realizing the problem wasn’t going to solve itself and technical debt would grow over time, the Scheduling Suite team decided to look for new and more innovative solutions to fix their software testing woes.
“I spent a lot of time checking out the market for software testing solutions. Our team looked at all kinds of vendors, services and products from around the world,” Denisenko said.
“Ultimately, we decided to go with testRigor because we had heard good things about them, and it looked like they were taking a really smart new approach to software testing that also fit our price point,” he said.
Set up was simple and support was great
As the Scheduling Suite team began to implement testRigor, they were impressed by how simple and intuitive it was to get set up.
“testRigor really did the heavy lifting for us – heavy lifting that we simply didn’t have time for in the past,” Denisenko said. “Our team simply had to describe in plain English what functionality within our SaaS product needed to be tested and what it needed to accomplish, and testRigor went to work and started writing the tests for us.”
Additionally, the team was pleased by how smooth their onboarding and support process was after deciding to move forward with testRigor.
“We didn’t run into a lot of difficult issues, but when we needed help with some basic documentation or answers to some of our questions, the testRigor team was always there to help us,” Denisenko said.
The results were well beyond expectations
After having testRigor up and running for their software project, the Scheduling Suite team noticed improvements that went beyond what they had originally expected.
“Within a few weeks of having testRigor running on our project, we were able to reduce the bugs within our project to pretty much zero,” Denisenko said. “It was really impressive to see testRigor go to work and start evolving based on user behavior within the product as well – at first I was skeptical, and I wasn’t sure this type of solution could be effective, but it really opened my eyes to a new world of automated software testing.”
In the end, the Scheduling Suite team estimated they saved weeks of effort on an ongoing basis by avoiding the need to do heavy manual retesting and trying to manually study user behavior to adjust tests accordingly.
They also felt an impact on culture and productivity that they said shouldn’t be overlooked.
“What matters most for me as the leader of a software project is that we now have more than 90% test coverage on our project, when we previously simply didn’t have that confidence,” Denisenko said. “This allows our team to focus on actually adding value into the product, which is so much more rewarding and a huge lift to morale across the team with everyone feeling much more productive.”
“Deciding to use testRigor was definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made as a software team,” Denisenko said.